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How Much Do You Know About Enterprise Resource Planning?

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

The Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP works like a central nervous system for a business. It also provides immeasurable benefits by providing intelligence, visibility, analytics, and efficiency across every aspect of a business. With an ERP system, your employees will no longer be spending their time figuring out what’s happening by accessing and analyzing data from multiple, non-integrated systems.

The pictures below outlines the 5 benefits of implementing ERP that companies can expect to gain from using an ERP solution.

1. Security

  • Restrict access of employees only to the processes relevant to their role.

  • ERP allows you to easily manage data security and permission-level access protocols.

2. Efficiency

  • Increases productivity by reducing manual paper processes.

  • Data and information are captured and updated at one point with no duplication of effort which could waste resources.

3. Cost Reduction

  • ERP allows you to run your business at a lower cost by eliminating manual processes.

  • Reduced overtime pay for similar amount of production.

4. Data Accuracy

  • ERP combines data from finance, sales, manufacturing, human resource and other departments in real time.

  • Reduce Duplication and Errors.

  • Provides up-to-date information.

5. Customer Satisfaction

  • ERP solution allows you to produce the right product at the right time.

  • Sales and customer service people can interact with customers better and improve relationships with them through faster, more accurate access to customers’ information and history.

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